About Me

I've been taking photographs on land for most of my life, and more recently tried underwater photography not long after I got my Open Water scuba diving certification in Australia in 2001, on the Great Barrier Reef. I soon discovered that my home state of California has some great diving too, if you get used to the colder water, and I started diving in Monterey Bay and the Channel Islands, completing my Advanced Open Water and Rescue Diver certifications. I currently live in San Francisco, California, and I try to dive and photograph in new places whenever I can. In 2002, I won a first, second and third place in the Northern California Underwater Photographic Society's International Photo Competition.

Equipment: Most of the photos on this site were taken with a Nikon F3 in an Aquatica 3 housing, and an Ikelite 50 strobe. I still use the F3, but I have started using an Olympus c5050 (digital) with an Olympus PT-015 housing and a Sea & Sea YS90DX strobe.

About this Site: This website was designed and built by me with Adobe Photoshop 7, BBEdit, and Dreamweaver on a PowerMac G4 running OS X. Special thanks to Steve Kruschwitz for the PHP programming.